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The daylilly tuber looks nearly identical to fingerling potatoes and I would definitely describe them to be just as delicous! Sharply yellow on the outside and bright white on the inside, these crunchy little tubers are like a super sweet version of the popular south american Jicama tuber or Chayote vegetable. Elegant crunchy bites that are sure to brighten up any meal!


The shoots are also edible! With a texture like that of leeks or green onion but a taste more similar to celery or cucumber, they make an awesome addition to salads, soups, or anywhere you'd want a sweet, fresh, crunchy green veg.


These are a relatively new product so I'm happy to give out samples to those interested! Just give me a shout!


Daylily Fingerlings and Shoots

  • Sautéed Daylily Buds/Tubers: 2 Tbs. oil or butter; 2 cups daylily buds, washed and patted dry; ¼ cup water (as needed); salt and pepper to taste. Fry buds in oil until lightly browned.  Add small amount of water and salt and pepper to taste. Cover and simmer over very low heat until buds are tender (10–15 min). Drain and serve hot.  (Adapted from Billy Joe Tatum’s Wild Food Guide and Cookbook). Follow same method for sautéing daylily tubers and stems (above).


    How to prepare: The tubers are frequently compared to fingerling potatoes, but with a slightly nuttier taste. Choose tubers that are firm and plump and wash well to remove any dirt. The shoots can be eaten as well, when young and tender. Closed buds and flowers are also edible.


    How to cook: Daylily tubers, like potatoes, can be eaten sautéed in a little butter with sea salt and pepper.