Pineapple sage is known by other various names, including its botanical name Salvia elegans. It is called tangerine sage in some places.


Pineapple sage gets its name from the strong pineapple aroma exuded by the leaves. Some have likened the fragrance to that of canned crushed pineapple, mingled with the scent of common sage (Salvia officinalis). The flowers have a somewhat different flavor profile that includes the citrus and slightly musty mint notes often associated with common sage.


Most people prefer to use pineapple sage as a tea herb. Both dried and fresh pineapple sage can be used for this purpose. Pineapple sage tea is commonly sweetened with honey to enhance its flavor. The leaves are also popular for garnishing cold drinks such as iced teas and for muddling in cocktails like mojitos. Another way to use pineapple sage is for making simple syrups that you can add to your drinks. The flowers are sometimes combined with cream cheese in an attractive and flavorful spread.

Fresh Pineapple Sage 1 lb